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Nurturing Body, Mind & Soul

 Enter the World of Natural Healing, discover the magic of this Universe and one’s Self

Super Health Food


Colour Therapy - Using the colour of the VIBGYOR, many illnesses are treated externally with no medicines consumed. Other therapies include Chakra Healing, Seed Therapy, Acupressure, Gemology and Aromatherapy.


Numerology charts for those who wish to know more aspects of their birth date from career, business, health, gems, etc.

Siddha & Personalized Mudras

 Simple hand gestures are used for internal healing with no spiritual practice involved.

Learning Workshops
(Free and Paid)

 Online courses by International experts from metaphysical, self-healing, health practices, etc.


 Proven counseling for depression, domestic violence and chronic illnesses.

Ocean Rocks

Know Us

Meghna is a dream of our Founder since childhood to provide support to all who need assistance with nurturing body, mind and soul. Meghna’s journey with the metaphysical world of sciences commenced when she was 21. She was amazed to see the many sciences from Kundalini chakras, Astrology, Numerology, Gemology and natural healing all interconnected and so amazingly existent in many ancient cultures since time immemorial. As she constantly says, the rays of light from the Sun carries many colours which is unseen until a rainbow is seen!


Know Us


Aim to live an amazing life aligning Body, Mind and Soul to those who approach Meghna for any support and service. To also assist those in need especially the marginalized found all over the world.


Self-Healing is a gift all globally possess. Meghna teaches how to awaken this gift and optimize it!

Vision & Mission
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